Chongqing Youyang Taikoo Cave

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Chongqing Youyang Taikoo Cave

Taikoo Cave is located at the innermost end of Xanadu in Xiyang, Chongqing. The total length of the cave is about 20-50 meters wide and the top of the cave is 120 meters high. Surprised, dangerous, strange, secluded, crystal clear stone stalactites in groups, a variety of postures, Xiao. Walking in it, such as walking through the primeval forest and experiencing the steepness of cliffs, or standing under the palace dome to listen to the echo of ancient times, the culture and customs of Swire Cave, through the integration of naturalization, scene and technology, using light and shadow technology to bring different visual feelings to tourists in a diversified and changeable way, and increasing the tourists' experience in an immersive and dynamic interaction way, let visitors feel the shock of the world's first interactive cave of light and shadow. Swire Cave is a typical hall-style tour of karst caves. This renovation is to innovate again on the basis of not destroying the original form, green and environmental protection. It uses sound, light, electricity, fog and shadow technology, introduces American lighting and moisture-proof technology, and adopts domestic advanced LED lights, dynamic laser lights, stage lights, water pattern lights, combined with atomization, 3D projection, holographic projection 4D landscaping and other technologies, changed the single way of lighting, for tourists to travel on the way to reduce fatigue at the same time also left a deep impression.
































Fusong culture science and technology based on sound and light technology, set creative planning, design and construction, operation and maintenance as one of the cultural tourism project. Including multimedia sound and light water dance show, city light and shadow show, landscape art lighting, immersive theme interactive night tour, large-scale live performance, children's experience drama, forest concert, holographic image show, karst cave light and shadow show, multimedia light and shadow art installation, etc.

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