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Established in 2007

"Fusong College" is a characteristic class jointly created by Fusong Culture and Technology Group and various higher vocational and secondary vocational colleges, closely following the shortage of talents in electricity majors. "Rich Song Business School "has built an acousto-optic video training room in the school, so that students can learn from stage machinery, stage lighting, audio technology and video on the basis of the original electrical learning. Technical and other aspects of practical training, better and earlier integration with the community.

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Fusong Culture Group

  1. the combination of schools and enterprises and the integration of production and education to build "Fusong College"
Fusong Culture and Technology Group has been engaged in the acousto-optic video industry for more than 20 years, specializing in the design, installation, commissioning, maintenance and maintenance of acousto-optic visual equipment in theaters, cultural and art centers, conference centers, stadiums, and exhibition halls. Fusong Group has gathered many professional and technical personnel, and cooperated with vocational colleges to train a group of relevant technical personnel, including national first-class choreography designers, senior and intermediate choreography directors, first-class sound engineers, first-class choreography video engineers, first-class stage lighting engineers, first-class stage mechanical engineers, etc. Relevant technicians can now be dispatched.
Fusong has the qualifications to undertake various types of projects such as theaters, conference centers, cultural and tourism night tours, stadiums and stadiums. It invests a lot of energy and resources in major projects. According to the characteristics and nature of each project, it carefully designs the plan and fully considers the artistry of the project., Cultural, innovative, technological and other aspects, from project planning to on-site implementation, showing excellent professionalism and service capabilities.

  2. industry experts, big coffee in person, to help "Fusong College"
Invite experts and celebrities from the sound and light video industry to visit the school in person to teach professional teachers and students of "Fusong College", provide professional guidance, and empower the construction of the professional technical team of "Fusong College.

  3. walk into the front line, help with learning and grow up "Fusong College"
On the basis of studying at school, the students of "Fusong College" go deep into the enterprise and the basic technical work site. Under the leadership of teachers and enterprise technical personnel, they understand safety, equipment and work, so as to grow step by step.


  4. in-depth projects to consolidate the "Fusong College"
In order to enable the students of "Fusong College" to better improve their professional knowledge, go deep into the project, carry out all-round practical exercises from the fields of technology and technology, and consolidate and enhance their technical ability.


Fusong Group has a rich talent pool, which can provide enterprises with the best quality human resources and help enterprises to better manage and develop talents. If there is a demand for talents, contact the relevant staff of Fusong Group.

  Contact person: Mr. Qiu Bin's contact number:+86-13983011688