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City Wall Show

Outdoor wall show is a large-scale outdoor display media. It takes the building facade as the carrier of projection display and the high-brightness projector as the light-emitting display source. Through image deformation correction and edge fusion technology, a super-large and complete picture is formed. Because the huge wall projection picture is extremely huge, the form is novel, the sense of science and technology is strong, and the display method has a strong scarcity, it can attract a broad audience of all ages and income classes to stop and watch, and can maintain a high level for a long time. At the same time, it can also shock the dissemination of the customer's propaganda theme, so it has received more and more attention.

Using advanced sound, light, electric multimedia and other means, with technology as the basis, creativity as the core, culture as the connotation, the collection of sound and light, image. Combined with local cultural characteristics, with solid technology and advanced creativity to show a touching audio-visual masterpiece.














Creative Industry

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