Nanshan Laojun Cave Immersive Light and Shadow Show

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Nanshan Laojun Cave Immersive Light and Shadow Show

Nanshan Laojun Cave Taoist temple has a history of more than 1300 years and has a strong foundation of home culture. When planning the night tour of Laojun Cave in Nanshan, Fusong Culture and Technology fully explored Taoist culture, combined the "enlightenment" of Taoist soul washing with the characteristics of Chongqing mountain city, and planned nine interpretation points, including Taoist Academy, Wen Dao Tai, Jing Wu Tai, Nantianmen Gate, Tian Ji Tai, Dao Xianju, Xunxian Forest, Penglai Dao and Chongyang Dao, to create a night tour of searching for "WU" WU "WU.


Through a 5-minute 3Dmapping show, the night tour to the Taoist temple tells the story of Lao zi's journey to the west to preach the Taoist temple through Hangu pass, leaving a 5000-word book "Tao Te Ching" awarded to Yin Xi and imparting Taoist thought to the world. In this way, the world began a journey of seeking immortals and enlightenment.












After hearing the Taoist platform, under the tree of enlightenment, the world first heard Taoist thought through the sound system. Jing Wu Tai presents the main idea of Tao Te Ching, in the forest, Jing Wu "Tao Law Nature". People travel through the jungle, climb the peaks, and travel at night to the southern gate of the celestial world. Through a 3Dmapping show, it tells the story of the advancement from the universe to the world to the celestial world. Tianji Platform, named after the Big Dipper Star Tianji, tells the relationship between the four Taoist mythical beasts and the 28 stars through an immersive experience space. The world came to Daoxianju, through the stars of the search for immortals forest, in the forest deep place to meet the Taoist Eight Immortals. The colorful bamboo forest, which changes with the rhythm of music, will guide the world to the Chongyang Road. Through the time tunnel, the world returns to its original heart, back to the starting point.








The project uses the natural environment of Nanshan forest, on the basis of not destroying the original ecological environment, uses sound, light, electricity, fog, shadow and other technical means, as well as advanced waterproof, moisture-proof and lightning-proof equipment, to re-create Taoist culture into the night tour route, so that tourists can not only experience the fun of night tour, but also have a deeper understanding of Taoist culture.


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