International Light Festival

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International Light Festival

"Night economy" is an economic phenomenon caused by the improvement of people's living standards. The lights and popularity at night have become a barometer of the vitality and charm of a city. It can directly reflect the level of economic development and consumption of a city, and has become an important part of the urban economic framework. It is the booster of modern urban economic development and the growth point of promoting urban consumption and expanding employment. The Lighting Art Festival is not only a standard for the development of night economy, but also a starting point and carrier to improve the quality of life of citizens.

On the month of willow head, people about dusk after. People are crowded. The urban space is decorated with bright lights shining in the Milky Way, which is full of colors: the buildings are covered with beautiful neon coats; Street lights are like pearls shining in the dark; Fountain lights are like bright gems; The long twinkling stars between the trees; Thousands of LED lights are made into a large number of lanterns and plant lights, making the earth magnificent and colorful. Light science, holographic projection, music fountain, intoxicated.

The mountain is a journey, the water is a journey, and the night is deep. Under the glow of lights and stars, the Lighting Festival is a colorful display of urban culture and urban vitality ...... Lighting up the "night economy" and interpreting the "new life of the city" with art ".














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