RGB-intelligent network type mobile air box silicon cabinet

RGB Silicon Cabinet

RGB-intelligent network type mobile air box silicon cabinet

Main technical parameters:

● 24, 36, 48 kinds of circuit options (optional 6 series silicon box);

● 220V/20A per road;

● 19 core output;

● Dual two-way jumper function;

● Jumper, one male and one female, safe and reliable;

●In-line test lamp function with switch;

● Work lamp with switch;

● Digital current and voltage indication;

● Separate power supply for each silicon box;

● Three three-pin straight-through standby sockets with independent switches;

● International standard three-phase five-wire input waterproof 400A rhino plug;

● Two outputs of signal straight-through and amplification;


Power supply: three-phase five-wire, two-phase or single-phase power supply, plus grounding wire, single-phase 200-240VAC,50Hz/60Hz;
Control signal: DMX-512 signal;
Rated output: 220V/20A per road;



A variety of specifications:

RGB-SW7243(7 type 24 road, each 220V/20A)
RGB-SW7363 (Type 7, 36 roads, 220V/20A each)
RGB-SW7483 (Type 7, 48 roads, 220V/20A each)

RGB Silicon Cabinet

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