RGB-712CD full digital flow silicon box

RGB Silicon Cabinet

RGB-712CD full digital flow silicon box


Standard: in line with international EN61000-2014, EN55103.1-2009, EN55103.2-2009 and other testing standards and in line with the national standard GB/T 13582-1992, GB/T14218-2018 and other quality testing standards;

● Compatibility: DMX512, compatible with all domestic and foreign digital computer light adjustment station;

● Humanization: the use of intelligent control panel, the most simple and convenient user-friendly operation interface;

● Intelligent: silicon box circuit can be configured to any DMX silicon circuit (optional);

● Independent dimming function: with 12 channels of digital dimming (the relationship with the brightness value of the DMX signal is preferred);

● Flexibility: the brightness value of any silicon circuit can be set arbitrarily;

● Another with general control, easy to start/close the self-dimming function;

● Dual input function: A/B two independent DMX signal input, can be set to separate (A or B)/mixed (large priority)/backup (A priority, automatic switching) and other working modes (optional);

● Scene backup function: can record DMX signal field, self-programming field, delete and run field;

● Light-walking function: the brightness of each channel is adjusted in real time by the self-contained dimming knob, and the light-walking speed is adjusted in real time by the "↑" and "↓" keys;

● Monitoring function: you can check the temperature of the silicon block, the temperature of the silicon box, the input voltage of the power grid, the output voltage and current of the silicon circuit;

● Dimming brightness (DMX signal value) can be viewed in decimal, hexadecimal, light column table, etc;

● Output circuit "OK"/open/short circuit (optional) can be inspected;

● Alarm and protection function: when the silicon block exceeds 80 ℃ or the silicon box temperature exceeds 60 ℃ (the set value can be changed), an alarm will be issued;

● When the silicon block exceeds 105 ℃ or the silicon box temperature exceeds 80 ℃, the automatic protection function can be started (the function can be started/closed);

● With output overcurrent (short circuit) protection function, to avoid burning silicon (optional);

● Dimming curve: preset 10 dimming curves for users to choose, which is convenient for customers to choose and use;

● Automatic function: fan automatic switch function, 50 ℃ open (this function can be turned off);

● Diversity: A, B, C, D and other output methods;


Power supply: three-phase five-wire;

Control signal: DMX-512 signal;

Rated power: 220V/28A per circuit;


Exterior dimensions (depth× width× height)(mm):530 × 480 × 185;


RGB Silicon Cabinet

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