RGB-612CD full digital flow silicon box

RGB Silicon Cabinet

RGB-612CD full digital flow silicon box

Main technical parameters:

Standard: in line with international EN61000-2014, EN55103.1-2009, EN55103.2-2009 and other testing standards and in line with the national standard GB/T 13582-1992, GB/T14218-2018 and other quality testing standards;

● Compatibility: DMX512, compatible with all domestic and foreign digital computer light adjustment station;

● Quick and intuitive operation: the decimal address code dialing device is convenient and intuitive, can directly select the box number or silicon road number, flexible and fast operation;

Large capacity: up to 512 silicon road numbers;

Easy to use: different dimming curves for users to choose;

● Flexibility: it can be used in three-phase, two-phase and single-phase, with phase loss protection function, and can be used in emergency to incorporate the phase of power shortage into other phases;

● Stability: using photoelectric isolation high stability trigger line, with high efficiency anti-interference choke inductor, excellent anti-interference ability;

Safety: air switch insurance, with over-current automatic shutdown protection capability;

● New visual effects: the use of a new user-friendly appearance design concept flap optimal ventilation and heat dissipation design to ensure reliable work of the silicon box;

● Independent dimming function: direct dimming function on site, which can be divided and centralized control to facilitate on-site lighting and emergency rescue;


Power supply: three-phase five-wire;

Control signal: DMX-512 signal;

Rated power: 220V/20A;


Exterior dimensions (depth× width× height)(mm):530 × 480 × 185;


RGB Silicon Cabinet

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