Immersive Theme Interactive Night Tour

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Immersive Theme Interactive Night Tour

Immersive theme interactive night tour experience takes urban space as paper, sound and light as pen, regional culture and ethnic customs as ink. Through immersive interactive experience of vision, hearing, touch and sense, it can satisfy tourists' sense of participation, enhance the experience of journey, and arouse tourists' value resonance and emotional identification.




Fusong Culture Technology at night for the characteristics of small towns, theme parks, scenic spots and tourist destinations and other areas to create night tour projects. According to the regional characteristics and cultural characteristics of the scenic spot, a new immersive theme interactive night tour experience is created through multimedia scientific and technological means such as sound and light system, win system, fountain system, fogsen system, laser system, intelligent lighting control system of interactive special effects system and other multimedia scientific and technological means, such as theme scene introduction, creative scene interaction and real scene performance, so that tourists can merge with one tree, one flower and one scene during walking, immerse yourself in the illusory scene created by sound and light, and experience a super-strong sense of experience with excellent perception and shock.


At the same time, it also uses its own rich industry resources to introduce performance brands for night tour projects. For example, the refreshing jungle symphony concert (outdoor symphony performance), the passionate theme music festival (theme music festival, brand performance), etc., enrich the fun and interactive participation of night tour projects.


Fusong culture science and technology based on sound and light technology, set creative planning, design and construction, operation and maintenance as one of the cultural tourism project. Including multimedia sound and light water dance show, city light and shadow show, landscape art lighting, immersive theme interactive night tour, large-scale live performance, children's experience drama, forest concert, holographic image show, karst cave light and shadow show, multimedia light and shadow art installation, etc. Fusong Cultural Science and Technology usually excavates the local culture of the scenic spot, makes use of the existing resources, facilities and equipment of the scenic spot, and on the basis of improving the landscape lighting of the scenic spot, adds theme light show, 3Dmapping, theme water dance show, real scene performance, multimedia interactive device, lighting device and some night activities, so as to enhance the playability of the scenic spot at night and provide tourists with a brand-new night tour experience.

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