Dream Peach Blossom Garden

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Dream Peach Blossom Garden

Dream Peach Blossom Garden is the key part of the scenic spot. It has beautiful natural pastoral scenery, long human history, splendid national culture and strong ethnic customs. The preserved and inherited folk culture of Tujia waving dance, Youyang folk song, Muye love song, Xilankapu and so on is unique and complete. The ancient Taoyuan peach forest is sandwiched with banks, the grass is delicious, the fallen English are colorful, the land is flat, the fields are vertical and horizontal, the fertile fields are beautiful pools, and the village dots are combined with the local cultural characteristics. The lighting and lighting design of various situational devices are skillfully integrated with the environment by using "sound, light, electricity, fog sound system and scene performance" to make tourists dream back to the Taoyuan as if the scene were reproduced, beautiful as if they were thousands of years.












Fusong culture science and technology based on sound and light technology, set creative planning, design and construction, operation and maintenance as one of the cultural tourism project. Including multimedia sound and light water dance show, city light and shadow show, landscape art lighting, immersive theme interactive night tour, large-scale live performance, children's experience drama, forest concert, holographic image show, karst cave light and shadow show, multimedia light and shadow art installation, etc. Fusong Cultural Science and Technology usually excavates the local culture of the scenic spot, makes use of the existing resources, facilities and equipment of the scenic spot, and on the basis of improving the landscape lighting of the scenic spot, adds theme light show, 3Dmapping, theme water dance show, real scene performance, multimedia interactive device, lighting device and some night activities, so as to enhance the playability of the scenic spot at night and provide tourists with a brand-new night tour experience.

Creative Industry

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