Paishi Yechuan Theater

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Paishi Yechuan Theater

Sichuan Opera is one of the main representatives of Bayu culture. Baishiyi Folk Sichuan Opera Culture Center is located in Baishiyi Town, which is known as "the hometown of Sichuan Opera. After the completion of the center, Sichuan Opera has a long history. Fusong Culture and Technology has adopted the world-famous audio brand d & B in the center, providing the audience with first-class audio-visual experience and first-class stage beauty experience.










Fusong Culture and Technology is committed to the integration of acousto-optic visual machinery systems in cultural and art centers, theaters, concert halls, stadiums, auditoriums, conference centers and other places. It acts as an agent for high-end international brands such as BARCO, Meyer Sound, BOSCH, FINEART, LEYARD, DAS, Karajan, and independently customizes and develops FUSONE stage machinery.

Public cultural industry

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