Fuling Olympic Sports Center

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Fuling Olympic Sports Center

Fuling Olympic Sports Center is a national second-class standard stadium, which can undertake individual domestic sports competitions. It is the second largest comprehensive stadium after Chongqing Olympic Sports Center. The stadium consists of a stadium for 30,000 people, a swimming pool and a gymnasium. After completion, it will undertake the opening and closing ceremonies of the Fifth Chongqing Games and related competitions.

The good sound quality of stadiums depends not only on the scientific design of architecture and architectural acoustics, but also on the good design and fine installation of sound reinforcement system. The two are properly matched and complement each other, naturally presenting a perfect and extreme sound reinforcement effect.

The sound quality, timbre and uniform coverage are achieved on the sound reinforcement system of stadiums and gymnasiums. In the system construction, the safety and reliability of the equipment are mainly considered to ensure that the sound reinforcement is not interrupted and wrong, and the backup and emergency system are also designed. At the same time, the emergency system is linked with the fire alarm and the command and monitoring center. Through the multi-function interface box laid in each functional room in the stadium, supplemented by high-performance signal transmission cables, the sound reinforcement system has become an important part of the stadium integration system.






Fusong Culture and Technology is committed to the integration of sound and light visual machinery systems in cultural and art centers, theaters, concert halls, stadiums, auditoriums, conference centers and other places.

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