Chongqing Grand Theatre

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Chongqing Grand Theatre

Chongqing Grand Theater is one of the ten social and cultural undertakings infrastructure identified in Chongqing. Its completion has improved the situation that the infrastructure of social and cultural undertakings in Chongqing is seriously lagging behind. Chongqing Grand Theater is a large-scale social and cultural facility integrating opera, drama, concert performance, cultural and artistic exchange and multi-function.

The project will form a new symbol and landmark building of Chongqing's urban social civilization, which will play a very important role and significance in shaping the image of the city, improving the cultural taste and function of the city, enhancing the attractiveness and radiation of the city, and enriching the cultural life of the masses.

The grand theater invested nearly 1.6 billion yuan. After completion, the grade and scale are second only to the National Grand Theater, ranking second in the country, and the theater with the highest grade and the most complete functions in Chongqing. The Grand Theater has 7 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground, with three parts: the Grand Theater, the Middle Theater and the Concert Hall. The Great Theater can accommodate 1850 people, the Middle Theater can accommodate 930 people, and the Concert Hall can accommodate more than 300 people.

The sound reinforcement system of the Grand Theater adopts the internationally famous brand DiGiCo mixer system and L-ACOUSTICS line array speaker system.




Fusong Culture and Technology is committed to the integration of acousto-optic visual machinery systems in cultural and art centers, theaters, concert halls, stadiums, auditoriums, conference centers and other places. It acts as an agent for high-end international brands such as BARCO, Meyer Sound, BOSCH, FINEART, LEYARD, DAS, Karajan, and independently customizes and develops FUSONE stage machinery.

Public cultural industry

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