Chongqing TV Station

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Chongqing TV Station

The country's first TMG Art Center settled in Chongqing. It is a compound art center that TMG Culture and Media Group has spent a huge amount of money to create a live music space as its core theme for 3 years. To create a full field, full audio-visual music art interactive experience and music theme business as the business philosophy.

Among them, the carefully built music LIVE theater-TMG LIVE, the first in southwest China and the largest single area in China, has become the core brand of the project. At the same time, TMG Art Center is equipped with a multi-function hall of 1000 square meters to meet the multi-functional professional needs of various conferences, releases, performances, exhibitions, banquets and program recording.

The cultural and art center with precise focus and different themes has become a general trend. TMG Art Center, an art business body with music as its core culture, makes it a milestone in the combination of art and commerce. Whether it is a shocking audio-visual space or an exquisite commercial space, it extends all the possibilities of music humanities.








Fusong Culture and Technology is committed to the integration project of sound and light visual machinery systems in cultural and art centers, theaters, concert halls, stadiums, auditoriums, conference centers and other places.

Public cultural industry

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