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Zhu Heng

Member of the Jiansheng Branch of the Chinese Acoustics Society, one of the domestic acoustics experts

In his nearly 20 years of practice, he has presided over the design of a large number of acoustic projects of various types, including the sound reinforcement system of the auditorium of the Great Hall of the people, the sound reinforcement system of Tiananmen Square and other major national projects. and won the National Outstanding Engineering Design Gold Award and Luban Engineering Special Award.

He is good at all kinds of acoustic space design, including theater, concert hall, recording studio, audio-visual room, anechoic room, rehearsal hall, etc.

He loves creative solutions and is adept at researching and adopting new structures and materials.

In electroacoustics, he specializes in the design of particularly demanding electroacoustic systems in particularly difficult and demanding situations. For example, high speech intelligibility and coverage uniformity are obtained under conditions where the reverberation time is very long.

For the collection of audio and video and control systems, he can integrate different weak current systems to obtain better safety and stability and integration advantages.

He is fluent in English and can be used as a working language.

Zhu Heng

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