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Maintenance Specialist

Sha Ying

National first-class choreography designer

General Lighting Design of Chongqing Radio and Television Group (Headquarters)

"China Red Youth China Heart" was awarded the Recording Technology Quality Award by China Film and Television Technology Association

"Ten years, we walk together" won the second national excellent TV culture (literature and art) column and large-scale special program recommended excellent large-scale special program

"Hero 2009-Chongqing's First Honor Contribution and Moving Chongqing Top Ten People Award Ceremony" won the third prize of the 25th China TV Golden Eagle Award TV Art Program Nomination

"Moving Chongqing Top Ten People Award Ceremony" won the 26th Golden Eagle Award for Excellence in TV Arts and Arts Programs

"2012 Chongqing Spring Festival Gala" won the 2011-2012 "Chongqing Radio, Film and Television Award" nomination award for literary and artistic TV song and dance programs

"2012 Moved Chongqing Top Ten People Award Ceremony" Won the Third Prize of the 27th China TV Golden Eagle TV Program Art Program Dance Drama

"Mountain Gorge Feeling Sacrifice" Won the New Play Award of the Ministry of Culture

TV drama "Li Xiaomi" won the "five one" project award

Sha Ying

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