Picture Name

Technical Expert

Maintenance Specialist

Liu Guotian

Central level stage designer

National first-class choreography designer, chongqing acrobatic art troupe choreography director, chongqing choreography society honorary president

Golden Lion Award "Top Skills" won the Fourth National Acrobatic Competition Dance Award;

Song and dance drama "the sun comes out jubilant" won the second session of the minority art performance creation gold medal;

Quyi drama "fog lamp" won the tenth Wenhua new repertoire award;

Large-scale scene acrobatic fairy tale "red dancing shoes" won the fourth Chongqing literature and art award;

"Sense-Inverted Group" won the first prize of Wenhua Acrobatics Program Creation Gold Award and the first prize of Acrobatics Art Award of Rong Yiren Foundation;

The acrobatic drama "Hua Mulan" won the "Five One Project" Outstanding Works Award of the 12th Chongqing Spiritual Civilization Construction.

Liu Guotian

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