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Thousand years of Yuzhou, eight hundred years in Chongqing.


Chongqing has a very important historical mission and status since ancient times, from the mysterious witch culture to the new Chongqing culture after the jurisdiction, and then to the important link point of the "belt road" and the Yangtze River economic belt. Its content is broad and profound, inclusive and worthy of posterity's taste and inheritance.           

We have been adhering to the spirit of a promising mountain city and the quality of resolute and courageous Bayu, committed to public cultural facilities, digital cultural experience, cultural tourism exhibition in three areas. At present, it is the pioneer of the cultural and technological industry in the southwest region. We are fascinated by this great platform and are willing to stick to the "four self-confidence" and strive to become a powerful promoter of the public cultural construction and the development of cultural tourism in the southwest region.           

"Heaven is strong, and gentlemen are always striving for themselves." Looking forward to the future, we will continue to concentrate on helping the industry flourish, uphold the initiative to open a new era of cultural experience and cultural consumption. 



Founded in 2007, Fusong stands in the beautiful mountain city center - Jiefangbei, focusing on cultural and creative industries, relying on the most advanced digital multimedia integrated controlTechnology, through the concept of integration of technology and culture, provides customers with innovative ideas in the three major areas of public cultural facilities, digital cultural experience, and cultural tourism exhibition Whole process solution. 

Social duties 

+Member of China Academy of stage art           
+Director of China Performing Arts Equipment Technology Association            + visiting professor, Career Academy, Chongqing culture and Arts           

+ vice chairman of the Chongqing Academy of stage arts           

+ vice president of building intelligent engineering branch, Chongqing            + Chongqing acoustooptic video industry association president 


PUBLIC CULTURAL FACILITIES,We set domestic and foreign professional equipment, industry talent elite in one, adhering to the "craftsman spirit"; with a pragmatic attitude, high-quality service, dedicated to creating high-quality engineering projects. 


DIGITAL CULTURE EXPERIENCE AREA,We set the domestic and foreign "advanced technology products, first-class creative team, high-quality technical support" as a whole; cater to the development trend of digitization, escort customers with diversified display needs. 


CULTURAL TOURISM EXHIBITION AREA,We set the domestic front-line "visual director, dance creative experts, design and production team" in one; and then innovative means to enrich the wings of art, with the power of science and technology to promote the development of local cultural industries. 

1997 we entered the acoustical and optoelectronic industry. 
2007 General manager of Chongqing Fu Song Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. 

2017 Established Chongqing Fu Song Culture Polytron Technologies Inc, chairman


In 2017, Chongqing Fusong Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. was established. The company is headquartered in the tea garden, Dongben Enterprise Shanggu Industrial Park, the core of the future planning and construction of Nanan District. The total area of the company is 3,500 feet. It is a new office environment integrating office, exhibition, experience, creativity and training. 


Qi Xing。

After 20 years of work, I will never forget my original mind and temper myself.   Fu Song 10 years: Ten ride the wind and rain, and create a dream, after the spring and autumn. 




ChongQing FuSong Cultural Polytron Technologies Inc

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