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The 303 National Drama Workshop, sponsored by the Fushun Culture and Dance, has won the ticket!

Fushun Culture Dance Sponsors 303 National Drama Workshop Season 6
Chongqing Fuyi Culture Technology Co., Ltd. respects the wisdom energy of cultural creators, creates passion, and special dance sponsors the sixth season of 303 National Drama Workshop to convey cultural attitudes and cultivate artistic feelings. At the same time, it also cooperates with school-enterprise cooperation unit Chongqing culture. The art professional college stage art design and production professional teachers and students and the 303 national drama workshop jointly created the Republic of China version of the "Chancer Minister", and provided special sponsorship for its beauty production.
When people’s cognition of dialogue drama still stays in classic dramas such as Thunderstorm and Camel Xiangzi, they feel that the drama seems to be far away from themselves. In fact, the current drama has become an art form that closely follows the lives of the people, and the experience Small-scale drama companies are also increasingly sought after by the public.
In recent years, the development of stage art in Chongqing has been in sync with the practice of stage art in China, and it has become more open and innovative in terms of creation. technology is more abundant and advancing with the times; the most gratifying thing is that with the overall stage art Prosperous, some outstanding professionals are constantly emerging. They carry forward the past and the future, and open up the future with new creative thinking to insert the wings of imagination, which effectively enhances the expressiveness and appeal of the drama art.
Discuss cooperation with 303 brand director
July 21 / 22
In July, the heat is unscrupulously coercive
Every soul that loves to shake
It is screaming:
Give me a sneak peek in the air-conditioned room!
Losing to the heat is not our style!
More arrogant than the hot summer is every heart that loves drama!
Grab a ticket
Come to 303 to see the "Chancer"
Fight against the heat!
Grab the ticket link here!
"The imperial minister" grabs the ticket
This is a charity, free show.
Tickets are limited, first come first served, each person is limited to grab one
Next Wednesday (July 18)
Adjust the alarm clock
At 18:00, we will rush on time.
The Republic of China version of the "Chance of Ministers" performance information
Time / TIME
July 21/2219:30
Location / LOCATION
Guorui·303 Art Theater (No. 7 Yanyu Road, Nan'an District)
Process / PROCESS
The small partner who grabs the ticket will then sign in at the entrance with name + phone and get the admission ticket.
(tips: You can choose the seat first)
This is a purely charitable performance.
Is our anti-hot attitude
Mixed with sweat and laughter
The actors are still working hard
This repertoire
Under the careful design of the director and the actors
Interspersed with many small surprises
"Laughter" is full of fruit
Friends who did not grab the ticket
Don't be discouraged.
Next Wednesday (July 18) 18:00
Second round of ticketing
Waiting for you
Come 303
Appreciate the Republic of China version of the "Champion Minister"
See if you can laugh at the abdominal muscles
July 21/22, 19:30, see you
Waiting For You
———— /End/ article transferred from 303 drama company ————
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