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Spring Breeze Ten Miles Not to be cherished by the Spring Festival

Yangchun March, less than your spring breeze. March is like a song, everything is in harmony; the south wind warms the window, the cherry tree blossoms; the bustling, all spring. In this beautiful season, in order to enhance the team awareness of the company's employees, enrich the amateur cultural life of the employees; let the employees relax their work and body after work, enhance the communication and communication between the employees, and enrich the employees to carry out the spring and enjoy the wind outdoors. activity.
Tour - Ancient Town of Masangxi
On the morning of March 24, we first came to the ancient town of Masangxi. The ancient town of Masangxi is located in Dadukou District of Chongqing and is famous for its “Yidu”. The Yangtze River passed through this land, nourished the locals and blocked people on both sides. Therefore, the dream of the local millennium is to overcome this natural difficulty, the two sides of the Unicom River. So, there was a ferry boat very early here.
Before the invention of modern ships and reinforced concrete, the ferry was the most important means of transportation in the local area for a long time. This ferry has witnessed how many people come and go, and the joys and sorrows. It is because of the precipitation of the years that Ma Sangxi is full of tenderness.
Monofilament is not in line, the wood is not a forest
Tour - Babin Road
In the ancient town, we laughed and laughed, and the sound of the shutters recorded our happy time. In the afternoon, all the way to laughter and mood, we came to the barbecue, kite location. As the fire of the grill was born, everyone was busy.
The grill is put up, the charcoal fire is burning, and all the gods come to show their own hand-baked art, chicken wings, kebabs, potatoes, hams... Under the elaborate production of the gods, the fragrance is full of fragrance and color.
Everyone is in the embrace of nature, breathing the fresh air of the green oxygen bar, tasting delicious food, feeling the harmonious and happy atmosphere of the rich family, talking and laughing, and happy.
Spring Outing
Through this spring tour, not only has the relationship between colleagues been enhanced, but also the strength of team strength and the importance of cooperation. At the same time, we also believe that everyone will relax and be devoted to the work with full enthusiasm, contribute to the company's sustained and rapid development, and be able to provide better service to all of you.