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A blend of Chinese drama and new media stage, telling stories with "wind"

A blend of Chinese drama and new media stage
Ye Jintian, in 2001, won the Oscar "Best Art Direction" and the "Best Costume Design" award from the British Film Institute for his film "Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon" and became the first Chinese artist to receive the above awards. In his latest work, The Unconventional, he collaborated with German visual artist Tobias Gremmler to combine traditional Chinese theatre performances with modern new media, presenting a feeling, philosophical and recollection of the wind on the stage. .
"The walker teaches bamboo, the ancestors guide the way. The night explores the fascination, the world is chaotic. The moon is flowing, the sound of the dynasty is empty. The feathers are open to the sky, the flood is coming. The ultimate of the spirit, the soul is the dragon." - Ye Jintian
A multimedia show featuring video, clothing, dance, drama and installation
This is a multimedia performance that integrates video, clothing, dance, drama and installation, and leads the audience to a journey full of unknown and spiritual. This performance tells not only the process of the invisible wind traveling in the tangible world, but also the emotions, philosophies and memories involved in the wind.
The nine dancers who were all white were born in a chaotic world of waste. Together with the artists, they led the audience to witness the natural disasters and man-made disasters on the stage and experienced a journey full of unknowns and spirituality.
The dancers appeared in a super long white performance costume, and danced slowly. The light and shadow projected on the body matched the digital picture behind the stage, as if the elf dancing in the wind was amazing!
Energy leaps from the sun, through the distant universe, and maps out dust particles. The wind stirs the dust, creating a vortex that creates space. Silent and invisible, the wind rushes to the shadow of the light, bringing a distant and near memory, summoning the future of the virtual reality. The light inhabits the air, and the sound is heard in the dark, accompanied by the thoughts that wander in the space and merge into the river of information.
In the journey of the wind, the past and the future are only a moment, disappearing and being exist only in one thought. It has experienced natural disasters and man-made disasters, and it has seen through the glory of the glory, and witnessed the torrent of torrents, taking away what seems to be indestructible. When humanity disappears, everything in the world is gone, and all the complicated experiences will only leave a weak sound, such as a hole in the wind, which cannot be traced back.