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Build a community of destiny and achieve win-win results. 

In the acousto-optic video industry, everyone is a witness and pioneer. The behavior of any overdraft market is hit by the whole industry. Fusong from a technical service provider to a resource integration operator, role transformation, so that Fusong aware of the importance of the industry's benign ecosystem.            Only by sharing together can we achieve a win-win situation. Only in this way can we further expand the boundaries of the industry, obtain a broader range of resource platforms, better feedback to employees and society, and the country's economy can be sustained and healthy development. 



Change is based on hard work and win from change.

Fu Song, as a "doer" in the new era, inherits ingenuity and seeks the ultimate perfection of acousto-optic skills. For the sake of change, Fu Song takes the lead in thinking, one step ahead of technology and the first step in action. Adhere to details, uphold innovation, seek good deeds and achieve steady progress. In fact, change is the root of this change. Instead, the two will complement each other and stimulate the inner driving force of Fu Song. 

We should consolidate our thinking, learn more, ask more, think more and think more. Fu Song chose the best and chose everything. We can expand the traditional business horizontally and expand the cultural tourism projects longitudinally. But Fusong's acquisition is not a merger of rigid copy, but to build a full range of industry exchange platform, contact different technology industries and cultural and art fields, understand their ideas, find their advantages. Remove the coarse and extract the essence, and transform it into its own essence. 




Germany is not alone, there must be a neighbour ". 

As the pioneer of the acoustooptic and video industry, Fusong has always been the cornerstone of its development. Strong sense of social responsibility and industry mission, so that Fusong not only to pursue their own realm of perfection and beauty, but also to strive for the benign development of the industry, to promote the sound and glory of the beauty of the industry art! 

Fusong culture is based on "culture leading, innovation and development", relying on product technology innovation, application integration innovation, business model innovation.           

To provide customers with new service value of the whole industry chain.           

With the support of culture, technology and finance as a development strategy, under the background of new urbanization,           

We should construct an innovative mode of transforming the advantages of regional cultural resources into the advantages of cultural industries and promote the integration of culture, science, technology and finance. 

The development of Fu Song is like a miniature of Jinsong's growth. It can be summed up in the following three periods:           

Budding 2007-2010 / growth 2010-2015 / 2015           

So far, "ten years of grinding, one sword sharpening pine and cypress".           

In the next decade, Fusong will open a new page of overall layout and rapid development with a more "tall and upright" attitude, and compose a new and more brilliant chapter. 

Fu Song dream foundation constitution 

Chapter I General Provisions 

Article 1 In order to carry forward the spirit of charity, enthusiasts who care about and support charitable undertakings should take an active part in it. We will devote ourselves to public welfare charities, promote corporate citizenship responsibility, promote social harmony and progress, help and reward poor employees and employees who are active and work-loving, and provide subsidies for technical training to those who love their profession so as to promote the development of the profession. The founding ceremony of the Fusong Dream Foundation was held in the conference room on February 9, 2008.           

The second dream foundation advocates the concept of "love accomplishments" and "Fu Song" ignites hope.           

Article 3 The Dream Foundation shall have a special bank, which shall be used for special purposes, and shall regularly announce the income and expenditure of the Dream Foundation. 

Second chapter management organization Article 4 The Dream Fund Management Committee shall be composed of staff representatives, who shall be responsible for the daily management of the Dream Fund.           

Article 5 The management organization of the Foundation is the Standing Committee of Fusong Company. The Standing Committee establishes the President, Vice-President, Secretary-General and Finance. The chairman shall be appointed by the Standing Committee, and the Secretary General and the finance shall be appointed and appointed in the ranks of the staff.            Article 6 The Standing Committee shall be appointed for a term of two years and shall hold annual meetings. In case of special circumstances, the Secretary-General shall be responsible for convening the members of the Standing Committee to discuss relevant issues. 

The third chapter is the source of funds. 
The source of funding for the seventh Dream Fund is:           

1, employees of the company donated 368 yuan.           

2. Company sponsorship: from the president's donation of 100,000 yuan, from the vice-president's donation of 36,800 yuan, and from the rest of the standing committee's donation of 3680 yuan;           

3. Voluntary participation in the dream foundation will be followed by the same industry and partners. 

4, interest generated by banks in banks.           

Article 8 The Dream Foundation takes "368" as its keynote, employee donations are voluntary and the company accepts daily donations throughout the year. 


The fourth chapter is about the scope of fund use. The scope of the ninth dream funds is:           

1, family members who suffer from unexpected events and lead to life difficulties;           

2, the company's performance is positive, and those who love their work commend.           

3, people who love the industry are given technical support. 


Fifth chapter supplementary provisions Article 10 During the start-up phase of the Dream Fund, the top leaders of the company shall donate a certain amount of money and the company's administrative appropriation as the start-up fund of the Dream Fund.           

Article 11 A certificate of honor shall be awarded to the same trades and partners after the endowment of the fund, and the title of "Dream Messenger" shall be conferred on them.           

Article 12 A charity column shall be set up to display and publicize donations in the form of pictures, words, audio and video in time on bulletin boards, internal publications, websites and public numbers.           

Article 13 During the execution period, the Standing Committee of Dream Foundation of Chongqing Fusong Culture and Technology Co., Ltd. shall be responsible for explaining any doubts.           

Article 14 The Dream Foundation adheres to the principles of impartiality, openness and transparency, strengthens publicity and accepts the supervision of donors.  The fifteenth foundation will be implemented from the date of promulgation.           


Chongqing Fu Song Culture Polytron Technologies Inc            Two February 9th 18 


FUSONG  Cultural Polytron Technologies Inc

Fu Song led and brought together excellent partners and internal staff.           

Establishing the Fusong Dream Fund, which aims at donating to social welfare undertakings, helping needy employees and encouraging outstanding employees,           

Build a solid backing on the road of life growth, and make a sincere contribution to the cause of public welfare in a new chapter. 

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